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Plaza de España de Sevilla – the second most spectacular touristic place in the world

       According to TripAdvisor, the most famous page and application that’s of great help to the travelers nowadays, La Plaza de España de Sevilla is second on the list of most visited and best reviewed places worldwide. There have been 759 places of interest, 68 countries, 8 regions in this competition, however Seville has been listed as second among them.

       The Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia successfully kept the first and winning place from 2017. On the other hand, La Plaza de España de Sevilla jumped on the second position, as it was listed as third one last year. This year the third place has been reserved for the mosque Sheikh Zayed in Abu Dabi. 

       Another Spanish destination that’s on the list of top ten places in the world is the old and famous Cathedral La Mesquita in Cordoba which used to be on the third position last year. On the newest list it’s been rated as fifth most recommendable place to visit.

       Spain ought to be proud to be represented by La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona which happens to be the eleventh most popular touristic place in the world. Andalusia, on the other hand, turned out to be the most outstanding part of Spain as it has two representatives among the top ten most beautiful places of interest not only in Europe but in the world in general.

       However, on the national level the Spanish people have voted for La Alhambra in Granada to be the most beautiful touristic place and be followed by the Real Alcazar in Seville which is one of the royal palaces of huge importance for the country. The third representative for Andalusia is the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world, La Catedral de Sevilla, another Andalusia’s capital’s treasure that ended up as seventh on the list.

       Gaudi’s masterpiece, Casa Batllo, is on the sixth position on national level while Mercado de la Boqueria is tenth on the list. Another market among the ten most beautiful touristic places in Spain is the Mercado Central situated in Valencia which is considered as one of the most magnificent works of art of the modernism and it’s been listed as ninth. The Spanish capital has been represented on this list by only one monument which is the royal palace, better known as Palacio Real. The Spaniards themselves gave it the eighth position.

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Written by Elena Bojchovska

Macedonian girl, 25 years old.

I currently live in Madrid, Spain. I am a passionate football lover who supports Real Madrid. I've studied English language and literature. I used to live in Seville, Spain, for two years, therefore I am fluent both in English and Spanish, besides my mother language which is Macedonian. I am passionate about travelling the world and reading books. Lately psychology calls my attention. I enjoy exploring new cultures and meeting new people.


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