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You didn’t know about hens

Chickens are much more than egg laying. You probably didn’t know that about cute animals. Surely you all know that hens are very caring mothers who defend their puppies from predators for the price of their lives … But these facts may be a little less familiar to you.1. They tell each other what they see. Chicks communicate with more than 24 vocalizations, each with a special meaning. Among them is a warning against predators.2. Chickens like to play and will sunbathe, run and jump if you just give them that chance.3. They dream about sleep – just like humans do.4. They know who the boss is. Like humans, hens form some kind of social structure.5. The roosters try to get the cocks attention by performing a special dance. The hens, however, are said to be attracted to cocks that have a large chin.6. The hens talk to their unborn chickens, and they answer through the eggshells.7. They can orient themselves through the position of the sun, with the help of which they also know what part of the day it is.

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  1. Lovely photo of these beautiful fluffy chickens. I would love to have hens here but there are cats around that would kill them..I don’t want to lock them up in a cage…
    My sister has 3 hens, the are shavers, and there is no rooster, and they are great egg layers, they are happy hens as they can wander around the paddock freely.
    I like walking and talking to her hens as they are interested and talk back to me. These hens are wonderful pets as well as giving better eggs than the supermarket.

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