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You Already Know The Solution – Be Accountable

I am a leader, many hate that about me, many love that about me. Do I have faults? Sure I do, no one is perfect and I don`t try to be.

Do I make mistakes? Sure I do but I also own them and try my best to never repeat them.

At work I often see the blame game, meaning a person will refuse to take the blame for an action not completed.

For instance : I hire a mowing service and I expect the job to be finished in 2 days, I show up in 2 days to inspect and pay but the weed eating has not been done, the manager makes up excuses ” So and so was supposed to already had that done.” the problem was not with so and so, the person he was laying it on but himself, the manager, because he is over the job, he didn`t check his employees work to make sure it was done before deadline.

The next step this manager should take because the employee did not do his job, is to get rid of him, that`s right, fire him for not doing his job.

Some may think this is harsh but its not and that is how life is supposed to be, you have to be accountable for all actions or lack thereof. If this manager let that one employee slide, the rest will follow, slacking on their responsibility.

Its in the line of command so to speak. We have owner, manager and employees. All eyes are on each and how much they can get away with, so the owner holds the manager responsible for the employees under him, if he cannot deal with the job of keeping them in line then he needs to be replaced, that is how it works.

Each chain of command has to be strong or the whole falls apart.

By Andria Perry

Photos by Andria Perry

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Written by Andria Perry

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  1. First, in fairness, it is important that the person (manager) is actually telling the truth. That the employee was truly told to do the trimming.

    Sometimes, people in the customer service world tell the short term lie to avoid the long-term impact.

    Based on that, I would probably figure out if the work had truly been assigned.

  2. Yes , I have worked as manager and being manager did not fire any one one but saved them being fired. I believe every mistake has a solution and every man learn from their mistakes, and we should try to make sure people not repeat that mistake and provide them an environment where they are bound an ethical code.

  3. Why is accountability important?

    I guess it’s because everything is accountable to everything else, because all relies on all, and all is connected.

    Anybody breaking a connection is being unaccountable, and so is being disruptive in his disconnection, and needs to be replaced by somebody else who agrees to be accountable, and keep connections connected.

      • No. I’m actually a male. He fired me once because he thought I had misused the new printer cartridge he had bought. The second time I was fired indirectly. Nothing was communicated. I just found out from others. Later, he called me to return. I had to because I was jobless.
        As the situation is, I see myself in a few months (3-4), I will fire myself from the job.
        As a rule, I know after three warnings an employee can be fired. It’s legitimate.

  4. I was once let go for the amazing reason that I was having anxiety attacks due to a one-day laser op I had already had and I could not bring myself to get out of the house. At that time we had a car this was in NYC and during my first marriage. My ex simply went to work and should have driven me to my work he didn’t and they did not want to negotiate because I was seriously incapable of functioning for a while and so no job anymore

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