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Yes Andre we can all see comments.

Dear Admins:

When people couldn’t post on this site for 30 days, you were radio silent.

When we lost the draft folder, you were radio silent.

Now, still radio silent, we have no way to reply to other authors’ comments.

Come on, team! All you have to do is pick one user and tell them what is going on.


I am now only ten days from ceasing posting here.

I want to end today with a little pontification about the shortsighted nature of some posts. Yes, you, Jaylar. Your post was rude. i would report it, but what’s the point the admin team doesn’t respond.

  1. Comments still work. You can comment on anything.
  2. Comments are still visible in the site’s notification area per author.
  3. We cannot see comments in posts to reply to them.
  4. That is all we know.

Andre, you are right. We can see the comments in the notification area of the site. I would also point out in notifications; we can see who doesn’t comment or makes a comment on posts. Those that only upvote is also revealed. Plus, if the word is more than around 30 characters, you don’t know what else they said, and you still can’t reply to the person.

Tensions are high right now. A lot of us are watching money go down the drain. Not that we ever made a killing on this site (well, one user did, and she cost all of us virils for comments on other people’s posts). I am going to stop posting in 10 days. I am frustrated; I know the community is frustrated. Its time, I suspect, for all of us to draw a line in stone and let the admin team know we are done. My date is September 30, 2020. What is your date?

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    replying to comments is a huge part of community, right?

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    Let’s try to stick to what we know. Not all shadows are villans.

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    Set a date, and let the admins know!


What do you think?

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