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Words on the Hill ~ Sky Sunday

Last night, we finally decided to go out of town, my eldest daughter wanted a different lunch atmosphere to celebrate my wife’s birthday. My sister-in-law, my wife’s siblings, and her husband joined the group, and her daughter who lived in the city with her husband was waiting for us at a restaurant on the hill with open views, with a pale sky hanging above.

Cool and fresh air enlivened the luncheon, which was filled with jokes and laughter. In her thanks, my wife could make everyone confused for a moment. “Albert and I love each other, but we are not attached to each other.” My sister-in-law momentarily grabbed my wife’s arm so she would be careful with what she said, but my wife’s explanation finally made everyone understand what she meant. A few years ago, my wife even cried when I told her that for the first time.

“We are always together, especially in our heart, on almost every occasion we are always together, but we must not be too attached. One of us will definitely go home first, and it is not wise to make one of us grieve for too long. Being bound in the world is not a wise way for us to go home later”.

  • I’m sure you know what my wife’s words mean, right?

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        • When I was in high school, it took me three years to prepare myself and give up the “departure” of my ailing father, and however prepared we were, it turned out that when that day came, the loss felt heavy. But, as you have said, we must continue to live so we must be able to untie ourselves in order to move. So also later when we as souls want to move to another dimension, as much as possible has been released from all the bonds of the world.

  1. It’s easy to say but hard to do when you truly love someone. Love is accompanied by attachment. you and your wife are a wise couple. I do not know if I could not grieve if my husband would leave me first. I think it’s impossible. I would always miss him.

    • You’re right, my friend. Of course, I would also so sad if I lose her if she goes ahead of me. Grieving is a part of human feelings, we must grieve when we lose someone we love so much, but as many people say, our lives are now, not yesterday or later. Well, apparently those words are also easy to say but hard to do, right?

      Another thing, a tight bond on earth will be hard to let go of by a soul going home. Ah, but that is difficult to talk about here…

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