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Which countries are affected by smog?

Smog is not just a problem of few and other developing countries, In addition, different cities of modern and developed countries are also affected by smog and especially the rate of respiratory and skin diseases in people, is increasing.

Countries such as Canada, China, London, San Diego, Chile, Mexico, Iran, Los Angeles, Mongolia, India and Pakistan are affected by smog.

  • What is the smog situation in your world ?

    • No Smog
    • Badly effected


What do you think?

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  1. you are right of course, I simply showed Shanghai pictures that I have because it looked like fog but was in fact Smog.

    Any location that is between two temperature-controlled areas will, in fact, have an issue. In the US that includes:
    San Francisco
    Boston (at times)
    NYC (at times)
    Chicago (at times)

    IT is a huge and growing global problem thank you for posting.

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