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What color do you think I am?

Today I joined the challenge suggested by Ileana again – What color do you think I am? The picture shows a flower I painted last year and I don’t know the name for it. It looks like a daisy I just don’t think a daisy is. It is just beautiful and interesting colors. If you may know this flower please tell me what flower it is. Try to guess what color the flower might be.

  • What color do you think that this flower?

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    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I made a mistake. I said yellow and I meant a lavender purple. I did not make a mistake in knowing what kind of flower and did not give you the name of it. This is an Aster. I love it’s color, and have some growing in my yard.

  2. I think it looks like a dandelion so I it is would say that it is yellow. But do not quote me as I am no horticulturalist. It could also be light mauve as it also looks like some wildflower that I often see along the roads here where I reside… but only in the summertime….

    • Thank you for your visit and nice comment, my friend…..thanks for the collaboration ….. you probably mean dandelion but it is not … i am also less familiar with flowers … i will publish the original soon


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