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What can you buy with US $ 1?

We all know the economy is plummeting everywhere, prices are volatile, currencies are shaken, crashing, and difficult to predict. The situation is exacerbated by the behavior of rogue entrepreneurs or traders who hoard goods so that products become scarce and prices soar. Fortunately, panic buying has died down.

Various government policies, any country, both serious to help the difficulties of its people or that contain hidden agendas have been launched, whether influential or not to overcome the difficulties of society.

US dollars, which are generally used as benchmarks, continue to experience shocks and affect other currencies. Of course, it affects product prices. In my country, with one US dollar, I can buy a glass of medium-sized coca-cola or the cheapest piece of hamburger (beef burger or chicken burger) at McDonald’s or a pair of inexpensive flip-flops. How about in your country, what can you buy with one US dollar?

  • Can you tell me what you can buy with a dollar around you?

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  1. Now I don’t know exactly what the trade Us dollar is – Eur I just think you can buy a lot of things for us for $ 1 ….. for example from food …. you can taste 1kg of tomatoes ….. 20 decagrams of salami also 1kg of bread it works …. but we also have $ 1 stores where you get a lot of stuff ….. what’s smart, too

  2. I live in Israel so if there are dollars here they are converted to shekels and for one shekel you cannot by much at all. You need lots more than one shekel to buy things. The conversion rate of one shekel is 0.28 to U.S. dollar.

    • Yes, my friend, Of course, we are talking about buying something with the prevailing currency in our respective countries, you use shekels while I use rupiah. I checked on Google and the result is the US $ 1 is 3.53 shekels (as you said), so what can you buy with 3.53 shekels?

  3. Many things can be bought with one dollar. The “dollar stores” offer many bargains like the flip flops, and many more items. But it is not like it used to be. The value is down of course.

  4. The flipflops are surely out, I might get some veggies for under a dollar, a couple of Kgs of flour or rice ( not good quality) a liter of milk but if I buy one I may have to forgo another.

    • I can also get some vegetables for 1 dollar (for example 400 grams of spinach) as well as various types of bulk rice or 1.5 kg of wheat flour. Looks like the price in your city is not too different from the prices in my country for certain products.

  5. Not even the slightest idea what I can buy with $ 1. We shop here in euro. Out of curiosity I checked the course $ 1 = 0.9125. For example, I would buy 1 kg of flour or two bundles of bread. Today, you can also buy one liter of diesel at some gas stations.

    • Yes, dear Elenka, of course, you have to check the exchange rate first as I also have to check the exchange rate of my country’s currency against the dollar. Well, now I can compare something with the price of wheat flour around you, in my country, in my city, 1 kg of flour is around 0.65 US $ or get 2.5 pieces of bread from a pretty good brand. I can also get 1.5 liters of diesel in my country with one dollar in my country’s currency at Pertamina gas stations (my country’s oil company), Shell, BP, and others.

  6. interesting question – in some cases you can buy a lot (say the flip flops in your picture). Things that move into a story called everything for a dollar tend to have discontinued or overstocked items that are sold for around a dollar.

    But the buying power of a dollar is not what it used to be.

    I guess the easy answer is if you spend more time, you can find value for a dollar. But the cost of time is something we have to consider.

    • Actually there are enough products that I can buy under one dollar here, for example for one kilogram of granulated sugar, one kilogram of tomato sauce, etc.
      Of course, there are many other costs when we consider the price of a product, Doc, including time costs. If I buy something at McD, I will definitely spend more than one dollar (of course in rupiah – my country’s currency) because of either buying by my self or buying online, the costs more than one dollar.


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