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Wacky Wednesday ~ Miki learns to dance

I’m a bit sick the last few days. That’s why I rest and review old pictures. Among the pictures, there are many to whom I have already forgotten. I also found a lot of pictures of Miki. I was having fun at this picture. I remembered how I sat on the terrace and watched Miki try to dance. Fortunately, I had a phone in my hand that I could make this picture. I think Mickey’s going to dance very well.

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Written by vidocka


  1. Well Miki, you sure do have a light step in your dance routine. Maybe Runt (my cat) can join although Runt, being polydactyl, is much more down to earth as he he has so many toes and fingers to lift up in the air. BTW Miki you are a very pretty cat with very interesting stripes and colors.