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Voice control, motion control what's next?

Part of the magic that will be AR/VR is the integration of audio, video, and motion. What once was a very hit or miss reality (voice recognition) continues to improve. In my last ten years of scanning, converting and speaking I can say now that the reality of voice control, voice conversion, and audio to text has continued to improve. The long-promised audio and video search, still a ways off. When I first played with the voice-activated speakers, I found the Microsoft Cortana product as the best. Since then, the Google Home and the Amazon Alexa products have begun to lap Cortana. In part because they followed the split rule, or what I call the new software and hardware rule.

Once upon a time, Microsoft was expensive software on cheap hardware. Alexa and Google Home have arrived on free software and cheap hardware. The thing that is for me, the most interesting is the spread. Alexa launched around four years ago. From the speaker launch to the addition of video and now the addition of a car system Alexa has exploded. The Google Home following right behind Alexa. The two have focused n integration. I can ask my Google Home to connect to my Fing internet security system and shut the internet at my house. Why would you do that? Well if you know someone has hacked a computer at your house, it behooves you to shut off that router.

I guess the interesting this is the integration of motion now. Leap was an early company in the world of motion integration. There are some other players, but Leap ships with the new AR monitor. The AR monitor allows you to connect to your computer or laptop and have an augmented reality display for your laptop or PC. The leap motion controller allows you to integrate motion into that experience. Oculus, both the Rift and Go headsets, include the gyroscopic controllers. The Sony PS4 VR system also includes motion-sensitive controllers. The amazing changes continue to roll in! The concept of moving, seeing and interacting with the world on multiple levels remains beyond interesting.

I am looking forward to a brave new world!

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