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Visit to the zoo in Ljubljana – 13

The Ljubljana Zoo also has many different types of birds. The parrots are surely the biggest birds. Parrots are a row of birds, which includes two families with two sub-regions: cockatoos and real parrots. These birds mostly live in the tropics of the southern hemisphere, some species also in moderate climates. They are also found in Australia, the Pacific Islands, Indonesia and New Guinea. The characteristics common to all parrots are the foot adapted to the climb, two fingers facing forward and two facing back, and the parrot beak. The shorter two fingers are twisted towards the middle of the body, while the longer two are outwards. A large number of species of parrots bring food with a foot to a beak, which is rare in other bird species. Another very important feature of the parrots is their beak. It is adapted to many activities. They can bite with it, break shells, stick, cut, drink nectar.

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  1. My Budgie, Louis is a very small parrot. Budgies originate from Australia and live together in flocks.
    A Budgie cant survive in the wild in NZ the other birds will kill them if the cats don’t get them first.
    New Zealand has several types of parrots, the Kakapo, few people ever see them they are an endangered species
    The Kaka and the Kea.
    Also Kakariki parrot, one Antipodes Island off NZ it is green all over, and the other is also a Kakariki parrot green with a splash of bright red on its head.
    There is also the Rosealla parrot which is an immigrant from Australia.

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