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Tiger Lily ~ Macro Monday

Always enjoy the Macro Monday challenge. Seeing things up close behind the camera lens is exciting.

Sharing a photo of a Tiger Lily from my spring garden. It is almost winter here with cold temperatures. I miss the blooms. But thank goodness I have plenty of photos.

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Photo ©CarolDM

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  1. Beautiful blooms. Your garden must be very colorful… So this is a tiger lily. I had heard of them before but never knew what they looked like. I am ashamed to say this especially since I translated two books from English to French: one named Tiger Lily of Bangkok and the other Tiger Lily in London… Anyway absolutely gorgeous flowers that you kept always with your photos…

    • Thanks, from my spring garden. I try to keep it colorful. This is it! The butterflies love it, they go all the way down as far as possible and come out covered in pollen! You can see bits of pollen if you look close. They are perennial, so they will return on their won next year.

      Good to see you!

    • Depends on who you ask perhaps. I recently read about the origin.

      A Korean folk tale tells of a hermit who helped a tiger who had been shot by an arrow. The hermit removed the arrow, and the tiger swore unending friendship in return.

      When the tiger died of old age, the hermit used his power to turn it into a stunning tiger lily, keeping its beauty intact in memory. Once the hermit himself finally passed away, the tiger lily began to spread in search of its friend. Some say it’s still searching to this day.


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