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The world 5th most beautiful snake ! Amelanistic Burmese Python

Burmese Python is one of the six biggest snakes in the world,.This snake also has the ability to swallow humans. Its homeland is Burma, Thailand and Malaysia but it has now succeeded in reaching the United States in many ways.

There are a large number of these snakes in the US state of Florida.By the way, the color of the snake contains red and black patterns, but it also produces occasional albino snakes. The color of these snakes is deep yellow, which looks very beautiful.

Some people even treat the Burmese Python as a pet snake, but rearing it can be dangerous. It can also  invaded its owner at any time.

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  1. Not to sound negative, but no snake can be beautiful to me.

    Like Ghostwriter already pointed, snakes give most people the creeps, myself included.