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The treatment of acute depression is further enhanced by magnetic force

This treatment of depression through magnetism is called “TMS” and has been approved by the US Agency for Food and Agriculture (FDA) for the treatment of acute depression, when there is no effect of depression medication on patient.

Under the TMS ‘treatment, a magnetic coil is placed over the patient’s head, creating a magnetic field of high intensity, which more or less corresponds to the patient’s symptoms of depression and his overall health. The magnetic field produced in the coil affects the parts of the patient’s brain that give rise to depression.

And gradually returns them to a healthy state. However, in TMS this procedure is performed once daily and repeated for up to six weeks., But even in this method of treatment, the success rate is only about 33%, which is quite low.

Dr. Nolan Williams of the Stanford University School of Medicine, California, decided to try this approach a little differently, given some of his earlier observations. Magnetic energy was concentrated on the brains of patients suffering from acute and untreated depression 10 times a day instead of once a day, while this process continued for five days.

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  1. Well, I have one treatment for depression and that is what I call “Creativity”

    What is lifting me up at the moment apart from the Good Lords, the Higher power, my husband and our resident Budgie Rui, is creativity.

    I have been creating planters for tulips out of plastic milk bottles, plus painting a tree on a piece of corrugated iron.

    Bills and the need for accumulated possessions are the source of feeling depressed, so the cure is to create what most can not pay for.

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