The "magic mushroom" is 400% better at treating depression than any other medicine.

A compound called “psilocybin” has been found to be 400% better and more effective in treating severe depression than current medications. This is a special compound found in mushrooms called ‘magic mushrooms’ or “psilocybin”mushrooms’

Although psilocybin is considered a drug, in recent years it has also been shown to be effective in relieving anxiety and depression in patients, after which it was decided to try it regularly in the treatment of severe depression. 

Be clear that, such severe depression which does not go away even after giving at least two types of anti-depressant drugs, is called “MDD” meaning “Major Depressive Disorder” in medical parlance. In this condition, the patient becomes extremely depressed, even trying to commit suicide again and again. This condition can sometimes be so severe that it does not go away with regular antidepressants. 

The study, conducted at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, also aimed to test the effectiveness of psilocybin in the treatment of MDD. In this regard, the first phase of medical trials had been successful, after which the phase of medical trials was started with the approval of FDA in which 27 patients were involved who had all the symptoms of MDD.

All patients were given only two doses of psilocybin at two-week intervals, while counseling or other similar counseling efforts continued to reduce their severity of depression. Four more weeks later, a detailed examination of all these patients revealed that 24 of them had completed the study in collaboration, while 3 patients had dropped out of the study in the meantime. In 17 of the 24 patients, MDD symptoms were reduced by 50% and they were feeling better than before.

Preparations are now underway for a third and final medical trial to treat depression with psilocybin. It is hoped that the third phase of medical trials will begin sometime next year after legal approval. If this drug proves to be just as effective in these trials, it is hoped that it will be available in the market by 2024.

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