Is there any link between depression and stroke ?

Although this is not a formal study, it is the first time that there is strong possibility of a link between depression and stroke. For a long time, experts have been saying that frustration, anxiety and depression affect the whole body. If the condition persists, it increases the risk of stroke.

Although this research is based on observations, the evidence is that depression gives rise to unhealthy behaviors on a permanent basis. When a person stops exercising, then diabetes and blood pressure rise, which can lead to stroke. But it can also lead to heart disease.

In 2012 In a research, ۔ Experts say that depression is an external cause of stroke, separating it from blood pressure and diabetes. Then in 2014, some sources confirmed that depression can lead to stroke.

Experts have identified a neurological condition called pre-stroke depression. One in three stroke patients suffers from this condition, but with depression the risk of dying from stroke also increases.

Heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure all lead to stroke and It is now being unconventionally incorporated. The study was conducted by Virginia Harvard of University of Alabama.  She has been considering paralysis in different regions and in an unconventional way since 2003. In the project, she discovered that black Americans have a higher risk of stroke than whites.

So far, she has studied more than 25,000 people and observed the scale (ie severity) of depression and then stroke in them. In 9 years, they found that depression increased the risk of stroke by 39%. In this regard, doctors should pay special attention to patients with depression.

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