The most important thing I noticed about how life is right now, is that there is more emptiness around and emptiness is always linked to a state of lack.

Some people who struggle with a chronic sense of emptiness had parents who were incapable of intimate relationships with them. When you do not get enough love and attention in childhood, you start to believe that you are not good enough. That means that the real cause of inner emptiness is a lack of emotional connection and a demonstration of love.

As a result, this feeling can travel through our lives like baggage. The lack of belonging becomes a traumatic imprint that becomes so acutely uncomfortable that we are willing to do anything we can to get away from that particular feeling.

Although this feeling, as I have explained above, is not uncommon for many people, if left unattended, it can result in a certifiable mental illness, such as depression, or substance abuse disorders. Furthermore, people tend to get out of this feeling with unhealthy habits, which increases the chance of alcohol and drug addiction.

For these reasons, having information about what is really important to you will help to identify the cause of your feelings of emptiness.

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