Ear wax can be a test for depression

The day is not far when something like earwax will become a key factor in stress and depression. This is because our body releases a hormone called cortisol in case of depression and this cortisol accumulate in the ear wax and make us aware of the severity of the disease.

Scientists believe that this way it can be easier to identify stress and related diseases.۔ But its importance does not end here, but by looking at the ear wax can also be considered antibodies against diabetes and covid 19 because a large amount of them accumulate in the ear wax.

Although blood, saliva and urine tests are common for cortisol, they can be used to diagnose depression for a short period of time, while an ear test is very simple and easy for anyone to perform.Thus, this low-cost method can revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of depression.

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