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The only country in the world where all coronavirus patients have been cured

The only country in the world that completely controlled the new Novel Coronavirus epidemic, and now no any single infected patient remain with this disease any more.

Yes Greenland is currently the first and only country in the world where the virus has appeared, but all 11 patients have recovered. According to the National Medical Office of Greenland, in a country with 57 thousand populations, In 844 tests only 11 patient were confirmed with COVID-19

All cases were reported in the capital Nook, which has a population of over 18,000.

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  1. There must also be good news. It is good to restore faith in those people who are desperate. But strangely I do not see any information what they were treated with.
    This is the latest data from the Ministry of Spain, there are other countries, but I can not now list all.
    San Cristóbal y Nieves 12
    Groenlandia 11
    Montserrat 11
    Sudan Del Sur 4

  2. Well… it’s a bit of good news. However… I may have to agree with DocAndersen. It’s not a game-changer… and perhaps those 11 patients have no underlying conditions that their chances of survival were high in the first place.

  3. The population of Greenland is small and other than one city it sparsely populated. The people are outside working and fishing so the survival rate is higher.

    sadly not awesome news. Good to know, good to hear but not a game-changer.


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