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The feature that allows editing of published posts

Virily has been magnanimous in letting us edit published posts which is a good thing.  Sometimes one sees howlers that are not noticed before publishing no matter how careful one is. Previewing and playing the quiz by the one who creates it also helps but enough is not enough.

Sadly there is the possibility of misuing this feature as Admin will not see it before it is republished. 

Users therefore could only perhaps edit those posts that have just been published to edit errors if any and not the old ones as, if the old ones are edited they reappear as new posts.  

  • Should published posts that are subject to edit be approved by Admin even if they come from verified users?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by grace


  1. I do not understand what the sense to overload admin with already approved posts? My old posts are missing photos, I do not edit any texts, only add new photos that they would not look weird. Does it need approval?

  2. I mostly take polls and quizzes on here. I’ve seen plenty of quizzes, which have errors in them; sometimes quite a few errors. If that is the case, why the need for admin approval when they get published with errors anyway?

  3. Allowing people to edit posts have lead to major problems in site I have worked with. On one site people have edited their posts and left just alphabets. It becomes a pain to keep approving edited posts when there the staff /moderators numbers are low on a site. I would just like being able to edit the typos in my responses.

    • But as long as the facility exists law abiding users can make use of it for genuine errors that they see the minute their post is published.

  4. I think published posts that have been just posted and need to be edited should be edited and reposted right away but older posts that need editing should be admin approved after editing so that they don’t pop up suddenly as new posts again,

      • I have noticed something lately when I do polls. When I am ready to check it out and the questions show yes and no and one question just yes I don’t add no because the last time I did that I had one yes and two nos one no went in automatically lol

        • May be a preview could help This post I was in a hurry to publish as it was lying there for days due to my dongle issue and I had not gone through the preview process. .