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Thank you, Virily! Thank you, all! I will not let anything affect me!

If in the morning post I was referring to the update of the dashboard and the fact that the value of virils has decreased, now I come with a thank you post!

Thanks Virily’s admin for keeping this site up and running.

Thanks to those who watch and appreciate my photos, but also to those who watch but criticize my actions! That means life

I almost got affected by a post published today! But then I asked myself! It’s worth it? The answer was simple! Life is short! It doesn’t deserve to be affected by minor things!🙂

Today we have reason to celebrate! 🥂 Virily made the payments!  Thank you, Virily!

  • Do you feel affected by the unimportant things?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes, but … I pass quickly!


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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. I got paid too. I am sick of those holier than thou users here who point a finger. As long as there are no violations I see no reason why there should be a discussion on what users post here. I do not know which post you are referring to but hope you reported it.

        • I agree with you and think the same as you here but the problem is “the site” for example, considers you shouldn’t comment on posts of the people who blocked you but didn’t disable comments… Their “blocking” is of no use, they didn’t do it properly, but expect us to “behave properly” and probably “read their mind” about it too since they are almost never answering to us and our questions, suspicions, doubts and similar…!
          The similar thing is here with editing… It is enabled but we don’t know what they actually expect from us in those terms and what is “against the rules” here……… I think editing is fine and if they think something is wrong with it they should change that… I don’t like some users saying that is actually something that should be “fixed”………

        • PS Unfortunately seems reporting doesn’t help much either since I was reporting posts of those “holier than you” people for pointing fingers directly towards me (when it comes to editing and some other things before) just without saying my name but admins Never answered to me nor did anything… Recently when it happened I wrote a post about it, and in the end I was the one who got punished instead of that person, while she was (again) just “warned” (I was told by an editor she was warned a few times for her behavior)………
          So admins’ behavior is actually kinda unfair too and it feels like there is no use of that reporting…

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