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Good Morning,virilians! We have news! Good news and bad news!

Good morning, dear virilians! Today we have again good news and less good news from Virily. The good news is that Virily updated the dashboard, which means we will be paying soon! The bad news is the value of a viril has dropped again,  this month. Since August, the value of 1000 virils has gradually decreased:

1000 virils = $ 1 in August            

1000 virils = $ 0.87 September and October

1000 virils = $ 0.77 November

 What are the causes of this decline I do not know. What I do know, though, is that all the negative talk lately can’t be beneficial to anyone!However, I say that it is worthwhile to be glad that we are still here and that another year has passed! I wish Virily a long life!

In the picture is the sunrise seen today from my balcony!


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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. First off thanks for the update as I never checked up on this. Even though the value of Virils has decreased and that me, not being a prolific writer, does not get paid that often I remain with Virily just to read and look at the posts, write comments etc…

  2. I noticed that views are decreased, I do not know about comments, I am not commenting very much here as I have not much time for Virily. If they pay us for external views, people would share more often and we would get more views. And I was already paid today, money is in my PayPal.

  3. I haven’t noticed because I haven’t looked! However, it is hardly surprising. If views are in decline – as Doc assures us is the case – then Virily’s income will be less and that means payouts will be lower. That’s Economics for you!


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