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I’ve been out and moving a lot more due to my job. Hence, I’ve seen more sunsets lately. Although visibility is affected by the haze recently, the sun is still a really bright and always-there “guide” and light …

Sharing some sunsets I’ve taken recently… interesting they’re the same thing but feels different everytime.

  • Have you stopped to view a sunset while working?

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Written by alibb


  1. Sunsets are beautiful, but sadly, I’m always indoors when they appear.

    I’d have to make the conscious effort to go see one, but it’d be worth it.

  2. Yes, I enjoy watching the sunset or sunrise when I am walking. I didn’t get much chances to look at them when I was working, as most of the time I was sitting in the office and when we were on the road, it’s either in the early morning or evening. πŸ˜€