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Sunrise Moments

Mohan Babu V [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Sunrise is always a special moment, more so when we encounter the same during our morning walks. I shot this picture a day ago during my morning walk. The clouds were planning to gobble up the rising Sun. The play of colors on the sky and the sea made it a pretty sight.

The fresh morning air has a positive effect on our moods in the beaches or the parks. Half an hour of a brisk walk every day is a great way to keep our heart healthy. In these days of stress and madness, we all need to spend some time taking care of ourselves. Go for a walk, do some exercises, and eat properly for a healthy lifestyle.

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    Do you walk everyday?

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    How much time do you spend walking?

    • Half an hour
    • 45 minutes to one hour
    • More than an hour
    • Never


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