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Sunny Weather All Day Long ~ Silhouette Saturday

Sunny weather all day long. The road is quite crowded even though it’s not jammed like other Saturdays. Although the trip was a little slow, at least it was quite smooth and not tiring to drive the car.

If the situation outside is not too tiring, it is precisely the situation in the vehicle that is quite tiring. A relative who followed in our car was so fiery talking and praising one of the presidential candidates. So fanatical that it rejects all information and facts that she considers to be slander or lies thrown at her favorite candidates while also vilifying other candidates.

My wife and I were just silent and let her babble on her own, for we were reluctant to argue and didn’t like talking about politics with other people. We have tried to talk about other things in order that the atmosphere more pleasant for us together but she always returns to the topic after responding without interest, especially because tonight is the last debate between the two presidential candidates.

  • Are you happy to talk about politics?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you have a way to get out of the conversation that you don’t like?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. I like the photo, very nice capture…!
    And when I don’t like the conversation I usually don’t react much if it is someone I don’t know much, so I politely skip it or just say “yes”…, and when it is someone close I say “I don’t like to talk about such things” or “I’m not interested in that subject” – but not in a rude way, just sincere…

  2. I am ok discussing politics with the people that I am comfortable with. I am certainly not comfortable discussing the same with others and never in public forums. You did the right thing Albert. It is better not to be drawn into a conversation.

  3. I have never loved politics, I always find the occasion to turn the conversation into a joyful direction. Soon, I read a joke: “The mistakes of doctors are in the ground, and the teachers in Parliament.” I think there is some truth in this joke.

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