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Sunday thoughts

Sometimes we are afraid. We are afraid of darkness, past, evil spirits, trauma, anger. We are afraid of what had happened in the past. Many memories are trying to penetrate our skin, calling out guilt, betrayal, anger, pain. Or we are afraid of what will happen in the future.

We should not answer that call, should not go back to that door. Your time is here – new and mistakes-free. The conclusions were drawn already long ago. We should not let the old demons tear our souls again.

We should not respond to wounds, past events, people who have hurt our hearts. Let it there remain. Somewhere in the past In their time and space.

However, if someone still hits us, let’s try to get up. If someone strikes us in a sensitive place, let’s become sensitive, but only briefly. If someone spills the ocean over us – let’s swim. If someone will push us into the abyss – let’s use our wings.

And even if the pain is robbing all our cells and thoughts – don’t give up, fight. Even if we get to hell today, let’s remember that something beautiful can happen at any moment. Strength is very close, we just need to reach it. Strength is within us, in our hearts.

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