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I thought I will have more time…

We can experience so much more life being in the present. All it takes is a little effort and concentration to notice the gift of each day as it becomes more and more meaningful.

It is necessary to sink again into the environment and notice how the body feels when we experience life with our heart, to bring hope, passion, and love back to the present.

Otherwise, in old age, the only excuse will be, “I thought I will have more time..” 

When our children grow up and leave a home, we say that we thought we could solve all of life’s challenges and be able to admire them without stress – “I thought I would have more time to enjoy the children and watch them grow”…

We will say so at work, in our business, or in our hobby, when we miss all opportunities because of laziness and apathy, “I thought I would have more time to realize myself, achieve what I want and show my skills.”

We will say this when a relationship with a loved one breaks down as if it was not our fault that the heat of the relationship has long since disappeared. Delaying the desire to be better for the future, “I thought I would have more time to show how I love you.”

We keep repeating to ourselves as if we were planning to start living sometime in the future and finally find ourselves surprised that there is no time to live and love as if we had not noticed how time was moving forward.

We’re all where we should be, don’t we notice? Stop and feel what is around you.

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