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The Month Theme: White Winter

White white, no matter where you are looking, everywhere everything looks white.

White path, white feet, white faces, white smiles.

White dreams, white hopes, white faith.

White jealousy, white thoughts, white madness of happiness.

White laughter, white gloves, white snowflakes at the fingertips, white coats in white winter.

White life, white roads, white homes.

White plates, white tablecloths, white festivities…

White memories, white dreams, white tomorrow…

Where it all? Have you seen white snow this winter? I did not. Or maybe it will not come at all? Then, let’s wait for spring to come because all the grayness around is too boring.

© Fortune, 2019 

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  1. Yoùr photo is so beautiful. We only had a smattering of snow and we saw a green Christmas. This is rare in my corner of the world. I hope January and February will both be better with lots and lots of snow. This is what global warming and climate change will bring eventually, a loss of snow but I certainly hope it will not happen in my lifetime.

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