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What has life taught me?

I learned to release almost all my fears: probably because I started not to be afraid of myself.

I have learned not to control the future because I am well aware that I have only this day that I must turn into the most wonderful day.

I do my best to have as much inner freedom as I can, and that everyone near me always feels free.

I realized I was imperfect and learned to trust others and to accept the help of others.

I realized that I don’t need wealth – everything that others have and what’s on TV. My heart and those in it, and the hearts in which I live are enough for me.

I learned to let go of people who hurt me and go with people to whom I am really dear and need.

I try to create my heaven not from the stars, but from the heart, believing that my own life is heaven or hell – it depends on what I cultivate within myself.

I learned not to condemn other people’s choices because everyone has to go their own way.

I learned to live in peace with myself, which means I do not abuse myself and demand nothing to meet the wishes and expectations of others. And I have no expectations for others.

I do not fully and always know how to apologize, but I do everything and live my life so that I would not need to apologize.

I don’t want to be like others because being other than I am would not bring me happiness.

I learn not to listen to bad words because most of them are not out of knowledge but out of anger and inner distress. Often they are told not to us and not about us, but about those who speak those words.

I let go of everything I can’t carry – the most important things I will encounter while traveling.

I learn to tell people I love while they are alive.

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