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Grateful, open heart

Why everything that’s happening to us we should welcome with a grateful, open heart?

– because we do not see the future: maybe what’s happening right now is preparing us for the next phase and everything we survive now will be vital;

– because it is an invaluable opportunity to get to know yourself better;

– because we do not know the purpose of our soul – maybe this experience carries a perfect lesson with us, which will take us one step up, toward awareness;

– because it is an opportunity for me to learn to love unconditionally. Always;

– because gratitude changes everything, and if I wholeheartedly accept and thank for what is happening to me, I will soon see how things change, first in my mind and then outward;

– because how else can I test what I have learned in my journey of spiritual development, how do I apply what I know and understand in theory ?;

– because when I decide to see everything that is going on as an opportunity for improvement and change, I congratulate everything that happens and become irresistible;

– because it is perhaps these – not the most pleasant circumstances – that will bring me together with the people who will open the door to the changes I am expecting;

– because I believe that the greatest problem can become my greatest triumph;

– because it is quite possible that there is nothing wrong with what is happening, and my wakeful mind and distorted vision make the situation miserable;

– because it is an opportunity to create new experiences and to show myself, others and the Universe who I choose to be;

– because in this situation, the gift for me is inevitably hidden, so I just have to unwrap it.

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