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Snail – my biggest enemy in the garden

Since there is a lot of rain and a lot of moisture I went to the garden today to look at how it grows and found in the garden snails that graze on my salad. These are my biggest enemies in the garden. In no way can I get rid of them. I’ve tried all kinds of preparations and mechanical barriers, but I can not get rid of them anyway. Now one older woman advised me to try another egg shell. Around the garden, let me crush the egg shells and the sludge will not climb after it, as there are too many edges for the snails.

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  1. I have read that the snail does not like the smell of coffee, it can be sprayed on the plants, which is nourishing the soil, and some animals that feed on the snail, such as chicks and frogs??????

  2. Yes, the snails hide from the light. Every time I do the garden the birds follow me and by feeding the birds they get rid of a lot of snails and slugs. Birds are the gardens best friend, but you may have to cover up the strawberries. put out fresh water for them

    Another way of getting rid of snails is by putting beer into small containers and they become bloated and drown.

  3. I don’t have a garden anymore. Snails eat our crops, but they’re also food for small animals such as birds, hedgehogs and some reptiles.
    They’re often food for humans too, yummy escargots. ?
    I’m glad you just want to keep them far from your salads, and not kill them.
    It sounds like egg shells might work. ?

  4. I hope you can find a solution to this problem. I don’t have a garden so I could not give advise. But I read somewhere that you can put salt on double sided sticky tape. This creates a barrier that they cannot cross. Hope it helps.

    • Thanks for viewing and friendly comment, dear Sharon….Thanks for the advice … I’ll try all the variants because it’s really an invasion … it’s a lot of rain and the climate is right for them

  5. Eggshells and coffee powder work they keep them away from your salads. Besides both are highly nutritious to your plants too, they provide calcium and nitrogen that the plants need for growth.

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