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Sleepy ~ Wacky Wednesday

I was watching television a few hours ago when Blue jumped from the floor to sofa which I sat on. Yes, since the last few days, Blue, who was one month old on the third of February, has been able to jump quite high, either up or down from something.

From the end of the sofa then he casually stepped up to my body, then jumped onto the back of the chair. Usually, Blue will scratch my hand or my chest if he wants to be spoiled with rubbed or playing with my fingers, but not that time. I deliberately let him see what he was going to do next, and as it turned out when I looked, he slept on my hand which was stretched out on the back of the sofa. Seeing that, I immediately shot his sleepy action. At that time I smiled and thought, even sleepy kittens were like humans, no matter what they were when they were sleepy.

  • Have you ever neglected things because you were sleepy?

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  1. Much as your question re nature, you’ve raised another high bar to consider. Sleep, sleepy in and of itself is a very dangerous state.

    We eat more when we are sleepy.
    We do not have the clarity of thought and process when we are sleepy.

    But when we listen, nap or go to bed when we are sleepy, we end up being more prepared at the next awakening!

    • Do you know what is wrong with the text above? I just realized that I had mispronounced the name! He is Black!
      Actually, because he slept I had time to ask my wife for help to get a camera because I couldn’t move. The truth is I often lose funny moments because he moves a lot, except when sleeping like that.

  2. That is one beautiful precious picture of a gorgeous looking kitty cat slumped on your arm. That is Blue? I might be confused with the other newborn. If it is the relatively newborn, he seems very healthy and content now. If it is the older newborn, the same applies. Great picture that was taken by yourself or your wife or daughter?

    • Geez! I just realized that I had mispronounced the name! He is Black! Thank you for reminding me, dear friend.

      I still consider Black a slacker until a week ago and suddenly my opinion has changed since he became very agile, even jumping up and down like a deer. Black is extraordinarily healthy, the last week he began to want to eat canned food that we gave.

      I whispered for help to my wife to get the camera. My wife who was fascinated by Black’s cuteness took the camera for me as well as taking pictures with her cellphone camera. The first picture is my snapshot, while the second picture is from my wife’s cellphone.

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