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Sky Sunday ~ Clouds of special colors

Today I watched the pictures in my archive. In my eyes immediately fell picture with these beautiful clouds. I decided to show it to you. I’m pretty sure that the clouds are swarms of fine water drops or ice crystals floating in the atmosphere. And clouds are generated by cooling the humid air. The air cools when it rises, so clouds are formed where the air rises and disappears where it descends. But I can not figure out how clouds get a certain color. I think this color is from the sunset, although not all clouds are the same color.

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Written by vidocka

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  1. It’s a lovely view. Perhaps it is a reflection of the water. I can see such a wonderful view when I am traveling home from work. That is just my own understanding. I have searched about this subject as of yet.

  2. I have often seen the clouds colored in such colors during the sunset! When the sun is just below the horizon, low-level clouds are gray, middle clouds appear pink, and tall clouds are white or almost white. This is due to the different wavelengths of the light components reflected by the clouds.

  3. To answer your question about cloud color… Clouds are illuminated by light from the sun, and light from the sun is seen as white by our eyes, a mix of all the colours of the rainbow – which produces white. Clouds are made up of many small water drops and ice crystals. Light can reflect and scatter so many ways from and in a cloud that when illuminated directly it ends up looking an fairly even and bright white.

    Beautiful photo!

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