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Simple Solutions ~ Calming

Welcome to the Simple Solutions Series. I need to make major  changes and I require that to be simple. Iti s possible with a little creativity to simplify .

I live in a stressful household. It’s the illness, the work in the home and life in general. I need to learn to calm quickly. After much research , the quickest way to calm the body and stop the anxiety is deep and regulated breathing.

It’s breathe in through the nose , hold and slowly exhale through the mouth . This does not feel natural or normal to me. I have to concentrate to make it happen. And when I do it the process correctly, I calm down.

  • Do you use breathing techniques to calm yourself?

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    • No
  • Will you share other simple solutions to calm down?

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  1. Since I am all alone I have created a speech for myself. When I feel anything but calm and I get rather excited about something I stand in front of my mirror. I ask myself Do you look all right? Yes. Are you going to die? No. Are there people who are worse of than yourself? Yes. Then do you really have a reason to get upset? No. Then calm down and go and get things done and after that pep, up talk I am fine again just some edges got blurry

    • @RasmaSandra I really must share this with you. My husband is sitting here today reading with me. (He’s trying to be kind to me.) He read your response and this is what he had to say. “Well, you are kind of alone because we really don’t listen to much of what you say and we remember even less. Maybe we could ask her to write a couple of speeches for you!”

      How about it? Want to write some for me?

      • lol I am not good at speech writing but I do remember the saying my late husband used to say to himself each morning to get ready for the day and to feel good about himself. He stood in front of the mirror put on a big smile and said Every day in every way you are getting better and better

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