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Silhouettes – Just for Fun

Kim’s challenge for May is dedicated to photos of shadows and silhouettes. This sunset photo of a lovely tree by the lake at sunset is my contribution to her wonderful challenge. It’s also a transition between April’s topic which was trees and May’s topic.

I love it when the sunset has pinkish hues. I just thought of this quote: “Sunset is still my favorite color and rainbow is second”. Do you have a favorite sunset color?

By the way, the tiny dots in the water are birds. There are seagulls, terns and many more kinds of birds.

Now I don’t remember whether that’s the normal shape of the tree or whether it looks like that because it was windy. What do you think?

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  • Was it windy or is that the normal shape of the tree?

    • It was windy
    • That’s the normal shape of the tree


What do you think?

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  1. A silhouette in perfection. Great explanation of what is going on in the water. I love everything about this photo. Now to answer your question in more depth. The wind is still, no breeze at all. You have glassy water, the leaves are not turned, but the tree is effected by trade winds. Fabulous shot and thoughts to ponder. Thanks for posting!

  2. For a few days I do not have time to be regular. I had not understood this challenge. The idea is great. A photo just fantastic. I love the silhouettes of trees in the sunrise and sunset. I’ll get involved.