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Separated By a Fence ~ Nature Tuesday

This is a picture that has long been stored on my tablet. I took this picture in my mother’s house. There are three types of plants that appear here. One that is broad-leaved with yellow flowers is Heliconia, which has pink flower buds is Batavia and at the bottom of the picture, there are a few leaves of Wild Tea or Acalypha siamensis.

The location of some of these plants is actually separate because Heliconia is inside the iron fence while Batavia (Jatropha Integerrima) and Acalypha siamensis are outside the fence. Being in a different position like that must be no problem for plants, but it must be different for humans, especially if the fence is a fence or bars of the prison.

In that context, of course, I talk about freedom or independence, which basically, whether we realize it or not, humans live in layers of prison, whether tangible or not.  It is in this context of freedom and independence that I want to share the reality that most people in my country are struggling again to free democracy from rape, hostage taking, kidnapping, criminalization, and other violence. Tonight, some victims start falling, male and female and seem will be increasing throughout the day until some time.

Please do not consider this writing as a topic of politics but humanity because of I once again mere intend to ask for moral, spirit, or energy support for what most of our people are fighting for. Thank you so much.

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  1. I did not hear about your country in our country. I know what I learned from your posts. I hope you know that you have all my support and that I think about you every day. Take care of yourself and your family.

  2. I generally don’t watch news … unless I come across something interesting while I surf or on my phone… there is no news about your country, Albert. I just hope you and your family/people stay safe …

    • Hhh… We both don’t like to read and watch the news. I am not surprised if the news about my country is not in the news in your country because even that is very minimal in my country considering the streamline media has been siding from the beginning.
      Thank you for your attention and care, dear friend.

  3. As a personal rule, I don’t read or watch news. However, from your story, I can gather that that kind of energy is the prevailing energy across the world. Signs of times? I read a post that said we should not worry about saving the environment. What we should be worrying is saving people as humanity seems to be fading away.

    Indonesia is still a very conservative country where tolerance for LGBTQ community is concerned.

    • Basically, we both don’t like to read and watch the news…

      Seeing what has happened so far and especially these days, indeed humanity and objectivity seem to be dwindling.

      Yup! As a religious country, my country is indeed conservative.

      Thanks for your attention, Sis.

  4. All the positive energy I have left is heading your way.

    The fence is a perfect allegory for what is going on. Not just in your country but in the world now. We, humanity are beginning to realize that we must build a world without fences.

    Lines on a map do not separate us. They do, but they should not.

  5. At the moment I do not have any news what’s happening to you … I do not know how even on TV there are no news …. course today is May 22 and you have demonstrations … whatever happens be smart and cautious, my dear friend….I want you to overcome a clever intellect … I will think of you, your family and the people who suffer from you … again be careful and protect yourself, dear Albert

  6. I have not been in a country in a state of unrest until I went to Israel in 1982. First, it was a real culture shock. I had not heard anything but in Israel on my 1st day I was put on a bus where no one spoke English. Then it was like living inside a petrol tank, any lest thing happens and you get chaos.
    I did like Israel but wouldn’t like to live there
    Now I can’t pretend to know what it is like in your country. I only hope and pray that peace will prevail and wish you all the best.
    Its a hard thing to go through.

  7. Yes I have been following the news and I am hoping it ends soon. So much turmoil. You know you have my thoughts coming your way. I hope this too shall pass my friend.

    Beautiful photo from your Mother’s yard.

    • Seeing everything that has happened in many places to date, it seems that the people are not given the slightest opportunity to exercise their rights which protected by the constitution. Really, I want to stay away from this, but solidarity is also important.

      Thanks a lot for everything, dear friend.

    • You are right, Ileana.

      Today the people no longer talk about elections but about injustice, arbitrariness, criminalization, etc.
      The announcement was held without socialization on May 21 yesterday at 1:47 a.m.

      I have and will continue to try to do my best, and will always remember your suggestions. Thank you so much…

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