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Roaming around in one’s underwear

That is fashion these days roaming around in one’s underwear.  I belong to the old school of thought where underwear is supposed to be underwear

How can I forget that day when I was in my petticoat at home when some guest turned up.  I ran inside and closed the door.

We would take care to see our slip never peeped and if it did there would be whispers “your slip is showing” and what about bra straps?  To hide them we would rush to the rest room and do the needful

To day if your slip or bra strap is not showing there will be whispers “Madam your slips and bra straps and NOT showing”

What say?

  • Do you roam around in your underwear?

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  1. Should we blame the fashion and film industry? Of course, we should. They instill the ‘perfect’ images in the minds of young people to look sexy. But, it’s disgusting.
    Being sexy is wearing clothes that aren’t exposing your body to greater detail.


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