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Rapid oxygen depletion in oceans

Research on climate change has yielded disturbing results. It has been reported that the effects of climate change are also affecting the earth along with the sea. 

Sea levels are rapidly depleting oxygen due to rising temperatures and climate changes around the world. So far more than forty thousand oceans have been identified in which oxygen is rapidly depleting and Oxygen deficiencies are big threat to fishes.

Chemicals that fall into the ocean from industries contain large amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen in the water, destroying the marine environment. Research also revealed that carbon dioxide is  rapidly rising in the atmosphere, and is also damaging the ocean and because of this, seawater is absorbing high temperatures inside it and lack of oxygen is a threat to aquatic life and it is likely that 40% of marine animals will die from it.

If this situation persist, 2% or 4 % oxygen of the world’s oceans will be left after two years. However, big fishes approaching water level is a clear sign of this

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    You agree, that climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us ?

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    You agree , that climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority?

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  1. Climate change alarmism is a fraud. The climate is changing, it’s always changing and it always will, but the world is not ending. Yes, the planet is a bit warmer than it was in 1888 but we were coming out of a mini-Ice Age at the time. It has been warmer than this. The period between 900 and 1200 AD was substantially warmer and you know what, people got healthier.

    In 2010 Ottmar Edenhofer, an official with the IPCC, the part of the United Nations which deals with climate change, admitted that the climate change agenda has nothing to do with the environment. Its purpose is to redistribute wealth. It’s a scam.

    According to Al Gore the oceans were going to swallow up the coastlands due to global warming by 2016. Why then did he buy a multi-million dollar mansion on the coast of California in 2010? Barack Obama said that the oceans will flood the coasts but just this week he spent over $10 million on an oceanfront mansion. The point, even they don’t believe their own nonsense.

    There are environmental problems that need to be dealt with. Habitat destruction comes to mind as one of the most important. Climate change only serves to divert our efforts into something we can do nothing about nor should we.

    • Oh dear, Gary, I’m afraid that you are so very, VERY wrong!

      All the arguments that climate change deniers put forward have been thoroughly and reliably debunked time and time again.

      OK – there may have been exaggerations, but that does not mean that the central message is wrong. The crisis is real, as attested to by mountains of evidence.

    • Gary, You lay some emphasis on the Ottmar Edenhofer quote as being some sort of admission, and many others have done the same. However, as has long been pointed out, this quote was a mis-translation (from an interview conducted in German) that has been yanked out of context.

      What Edenhofer was saying, in effect, was that changing the way that energy is generated – i.e. away from using fossil fuels – will inevitably lead to some redistribution of wealth in global terms. In other words, it will be the consequence of action, not the motive behind it. The notion that the IPCC is some vast Communist plot – based on misquotes like this – is complete nonsense.

      A false impression has been created thanks to a simple logical error.

      • Pointed out by who? This is the first time I have heard it said that it was a mistranslation. The alarmists have been misleading the world with their nonsense since the 1970s and not one of their predictions has come to pass. I have no doubt that, whatever your source is about this so-called mistranslation is just making a feeble attempt at damage control.

        • No predictions have come to pass? They are coming to pass all the time! Sea levels are rising, wildlife populations are being severely affected, the icecaps are melting at an increasingly fast rate, glaciers are receding, weather patterns are changing. All of this was predicted and all of it is happening.

          The worst effects of climate change will not be felt for some time. However, when they do it will be too late to do much about them. The very fact that the effects mentioned above are happening now should be all the warning we need to do what is possible now to prevent much worse things happening in future.

          As for the Edenhofer quote being mis-translated and taken out of context, I suggest that you follow this link from DeSmogBlog –

  2. This is a very important issue that needs to be addressed, although you have an interesting way of expressing it! Forty thousand oceans? I assume you mean that 40,000 measurements have been taken across the world that confirm the fact of oxygen depletion.


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