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Plants at work table reduces your mental stress

Workers in the office are well aware of how much work stress they have to face in the office, for work and other reasons.Working for 8 hours continuously as well as if the manager’s attitude is bitter, the person is under severe stress in this situation.

Getting rid of work stress completely may be impossible, but this work stress can be alleviated and today I am going to tell you about it.

A study by the University of Hugo illustrates how a small plant can reduce stress in humans. Research tells that a small plant that you keep in your workplace at your desk and Keep your eye on this plant while you work and  doing so will reduce stress in the office within 8 hours.

Researchers says that keeping indoor plants (which we can put inside the room) or at work can be very helpful for mental health. Earlier numerous researches proved that greenery or plants play an important role in keeping the brain calm.

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  1. I miss my view when my computer table was facing the outdoors of trees, forest, grass and wild life.
    I should work in my room where my table is facing the garden, and a vase of freshly picked flowers every now and then. . 🙂

    Thank you for this reminder.

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