o You Understand the Meaning of Mindfulness? Mindfulness was originally developed in ancient times, and can be found in Eastern and Western cultures. Mindfulness is a translation of the ancient Indian word Sati that means awareness, attention and remembering: 

*  Awareness. This is an aspect of being human that makes you conscious of your experiences. Without awareness, nothing would exist for you. 

* Attention. Attention is a focused awareness; mindfulness training develops your ability to move and sustain your attention wherever and how- ever you choose. 

* Remembering. This aspect of mindfulness is about remembering to pay attention to your experience from moment to moment. Being mindful is easy to forget. The word remember originally comes from the Latin re ‘again’ and memorable mindful of’. Say that you want to practice mindfulness to help you cope with stress. 

At work, you think about your forthcoming presentation and begin to feel stressed and nervous. By becoming aware of this, you remember to focus your mindful attention to your own breathing rather than constantly worrying. Feeling your breath with a sense of warmth and gentleness helps to slowly reach calm.

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