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On The Way Home ~ Silhouette Saturday

Some important things have managed to get me out all day, even though it’s Saturday. But realizing that we must put first things first, I have chosen to solve them.

Going home before the sun goes down, giving a certain atmosphere during the way. Nature around begins to enter its time to rest, while I’m like other people on the road or anywhere, still roaming in the crowd. But maybe, even a lot of people will start their activities, to have fun at the end of the week.

In half of this Saturday, I remembered another thing I could do, which was taking any picture, for a silhouette, for Silhouette Saturday.

  • Do you have a special event at this first Saturday night of the new year?

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  1. That is a lot of lines there. Love the tree silhouettes. It was a workday for me, my weekend starts on Monday and lasts until Wednesday. It rained almost all day.