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My daily picture – A cold, rainy day…

One hot day , one cold day  … That’s how our days look like  in time  of this pandemic. If yesterday was a sunny day, today I woke up with a black sky in front of me! See this picture taken in the morning from my balcony!

After May 15, we “relax” but not too much. We are allowed to bike outside the city (I don’t have a bike, so it’s not for me), I’m allowed to go to the hairdresser (I usually go twice a year, 😀) we are even allowed to museums (I visited them before, anyway). Training for athletes begins … (what does this have to do with me ??)

   They didn’t say anything about parks … are we allowed in parks, or not? We, who do not practice performance sports and do not have a bicycle,  what are we allowed to do ?? “We will decide,” authorities said. They decide a little hard from what I see ..( my today’s thought)

 I wish you a wonderful day, not like the one announced for me!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. We are still locked with a few exceptions for now. I do not know how long this game of politicians will continue. Ordinary people cannot visit the sea. Only those who are athletes can. Why this division is not clear to me. This morning and here the sky looked like yours. But then the day was sunny.

  2. At least there is clarity from those in authority there. In my country, “Lockdown” is not enforced but national “Large-scale Social Restrictions” with various rules and regulations, and local officials apply interpretative local rules. People are starting to get a little busy doing various activities outside the home, as long as they think it’s don’t against the rules.

  3. Still on lock down with masks mandatory out in public, though the beaches are open. You just cant stop and sit or take pictures, you have to keep moving. Nice moody photo that seems fitting for the confusion lingering. I still love your fabulous view, thanks for sharing it. I think we are in the same boat as Doc and Maryland, but again it is confusing.

  4. We are most likely 15 to 20 days behind you. Are initial relaxation of lockdown is projected to begin around June 1.

    relaxation is very hard for the government. You have to be safe. we shall see if this is too early


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