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Sky Sunday – Dark sky over town … and a welcome rain

Today was a day of everything. It was sunny in the morning but after noon clouds gathered and it started to rain. A rather cold rain, but very necessary. The soil needs moisture. It was a dry winter and a dry spring so far. Experts estimate that more than 3 million hectares of agricultural land are affected by drought and crops are being compromised. Trouble never comes alone, does it? I hope we do not face a period of famine, after the Covid -19 pandemic.

It is still raining outside and that gives me hope that everything will be fine!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. Yep! I can see that good day in your photo!

    Many people predict that many crises will occur after a pandemic, well, whether they occur or not, whatever we have to face because there is no coincidence in life (in my opinion) but hopefully we are all given the good of everything that happens.

  2. Hopefully nature will help us wipe out the bad effects of the pandemic .. I believe in good. A miracle will happen. “The little flower was afraid. The day had come when the risk of remaining closed to the world like a bud was more excruciating than the risk of blossoming. The flower blossomed.
    such a scent spread that his happiness filled the air. Suddenly all the flowers bloomed inspired by the little flower. The place where it used to be a naked wasteland quickly became a garden of wonder and wisdom …. “

  3. Here the rain started last month. As usual when it rains heavily, houses are damaged, people lose their lives and farms are flooded. To make matters worse, the locust invasion has more than doubled.


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