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Message ~ Sky Sunday

Some important activities and appointments ask for all the time of Sunday. Again, I have difficulty visiting you and replying to your comments and reply. Well, this is the fun of life, with our small waves can be comfortable to swim, with our big waves surfing enjoying the splendor of nature.

Just to show my hand to show that I am here, let me share and leave Heaven to you. Only a yellowish orange sky belongs to the universe that has never failed to encourage and send inspiration to me.

There are so many messages throughout the ages that are presented to us in various sculptures of natural beauty, a series of world events or in the joys of life. Unfortunately, our intelligence is sometimes unable to read it clearly because we use our eyes and ears more to see only what is easily seen and heard is only clearly heard. The silent languages of the universe which are full of messages for the journey of the Soul are finally sculpted in vain without the essence of their meaning.

However, nature really understands our difficulties in reading the meanings that it keeps neatly on every stretch of life. Then through a number of life teachers, he opened the convenience for us. Some teachers make it as a holy book, some teach it as stories. Some others remain neatly stored in the sky and earth to be read by the spiritual walkers who are challenged to observe their secrets to nature.

A small portion of which has been read even though with all its limitations, is stored here as sheets of meaning. The parts in the series of messages are divided into the language of heaven and the language of the earth. Isn’t the universe really made up of earth and sky, material-spiritual realms, mundane-spiritual dimensions or other similar duality? So when the Universe of Speech, surely it will flow in “language” which is created from the two dimensions of space and time that have built it.

  • Are you sure that nature has various messages for us more than just appearing as seen by our eyes alone?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you ever got inspiration or insight from the universe?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Nature starts from God’s command in my opinion. I am learning more as I go through difficult challenges. Nature is there to heal us if we will only listen carefully. Great to see you my friend.

  2. You know how I feel about nature and the universe. Always something too learn. Beautiful sky you have shared. Life is taking you away for longer these days. Never apologize for that. Always good to see you.

  3. It does not ever leave me, that we can look at the universe and be filled with a sense of wonder and awe on how marvellous creation is.
    We may be small in part, but we are also part of it.
    God creates and so do we..
    My view is that although God Creates if you don’t mind the word,”God”?
    I believe that mankind is an emerging intelligence
    and hopefully we learn new things everyday

    Thanks for such an inspiring post.

    • Indeed nature never leaves us even though we often ignore and forget it. I think, we and nature are One even though our five senses and minds say or think of we are separableor such.
      I agree that God is the Creator (yes, I don’t mind God in any name, it’s just that I don’t want to be assumed that I am talking about religion here) that is not separate from His creation.
      We do have to learn new things all the time to know and realize God through many ways.

  4. Nature has also sent us an instructional menu to man kind in which everything is describe in detail that how to live and what is our propose in this world and also given free well beside all creature of nature , Now its up to us , if we follow that instructional menu we will surely be successful here and here after as well, but if we are not following that instructional menu there will problems here and here after as well.

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