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Memories – Saturday Afternoon Matinees

I remember bringing my $1 to the ticket booth and purchasing a ticket for a Saturday afternoon matinee.  I always attended with one of my best friends.  Sometimes we would be able to see one movie, sometimes two, and maybe even a newsreel or cartoon.  We made a stop at the candy counter — popcorn, Jujubes, Dots…I remember those two candies because they always got stuck in your teeth.  If you didn’t want to purchase anything at the candy counter, you were free to bring in your own snacks. There was no Snack Patrol to prohibit you from doing that.

You entered the theater and sat on hard, wooden seats…no cushioned seats back then in the theater we frequented.  Saturday afternoon matinees were usually filled with teens my age and younger kids. When  I was younger we lived in an area that didn’t have any theaters nearby; so I didn’t have the matinee experience until my 12th year and older.  This theater was two doors down from me and around the corner; so it was extremely easy to go quite often.

It didn’t matter when you entered the theater.  If you missed the first 15 minutes of the movie or the first half-hour you could stay and watch what you missed.  You could see the whole movie over again if that’s what you wanted.  No one emptied out the theater after each showing.  I remember going to see “A Hard Day’s Night” starring the Beatles.  The theater was full of screaming girls.  We watched two full showings of the movie before going home.

I miss the Saturday afternoon matinees; and I haven’t been inside a movie theater in decades.  I won’t pay the prices that they now ask for in prime time.  I wait for the movies to be shown on television.

What memories do you have of going to the movie theater?

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  1. I do miss Saturday afternoon at the movies. If we got there BEFORE 1 PM it only cost 50 cents. That’s right. Only half-price. My sister and I always made sure we got there because with the $1, both of us could go to the movies. Ahh! The good old days.

  2. Sounds like good memories. I was busy Saturday afternoon attending Latvian school and learning about my parent’s homeland. When I did have a free Saturday I watched the cartoons that went all morning on TV


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