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Meghan Markle still not granted British citizenship

The American actress and princess Meghan Markle, who was in a marriage a year ago with a British prince, could not get British citizenship. According to the laws, the foreign Actresses Meghan Markle do not meet the three conditions that will not grant her British citizenship.

Meghan had applied for British citizenship two years earlier, shortly after her engagement, to which she had not yet received a response.

According to British laws, Meghan Markle does not meet the three conditions, they must marry a foreign boy or girl within 6 months after the engagement, while, they will have to submit papers as evidence to clarify the relationship which include  emails, phone conversations, vacations and tickets and more etc.

According to laws , a foreigner must spend three years in the UK after marriage and then can apply for citizenship.

Royal family spokes person said on princess citizenship,  It will take the princess just as much time as ordinary people get the citizenship. They also have to go through other stages, including immigration, like ordinary citizens after that the decision on whether or not to give citizenship will be decided.

Be clear Meghan Markle is from the United States and has been based in the UK since her marriage

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  1. What if the laws stink?

    There are many protests against harsh and draconian laws here.

    Obviously, the protesters put their reason for protesting, above the laws.

    Laws are made for man, not man for the law.

    Here they are going to prosecute priests who do not report child abuse reported to them through confessions. Many priests are prepared to go to jail. They think their spiritual law is a higher law than this newly made man-made law is.

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