Making writing sites better, July number review

Over the last four years, I have watched this site, in particular, I have watched ten authors (originally) now dow to 6 authors. 4 do not publish as often or at all on the site anymore. Of those ten authors, I have found two things that have changed in the last 30 days.

  1. Time to 50 views has increased. Most of the ten authors I was watching go to 50 pictures in less than 24 hours and over 100 views in many cases. They are now struggling to get to 50 images in 48 hours.
  2. The rate those authors are getting comments is also way down. The easy way to determine that is the following.
    1. In July 2018, to make the most commented area on the site, you had to have more than 20 comments.
    2. In July 2019, you had to have more than 15 comments.
    3. Now, on occasion, you can make a list with six comments.
  3. It used to be that being on either the trending or the most commented list was a 20% bump in views. It is still a bump, but now it is only around 5% more views.
  4. The daily rate of new posts has gone down. From last July (around 42) to this July (about 36 now), Some of that is, of course, due to the utter lack of new posts from all authors waiting for approval. Of the last 58 days, the admin team has only published posts on two days.
  5. Last but not least, views as a whole are down now.

It was for a time that we saw more views on older posts. That is not the case. Right now, we see opinions on posts shared (Sharing is Caring and another author who is sharing everything on Facebook right now)!  I would generally be starting a new “how can we fix the site services around now. But, honestly, I can’t right now. There is one glaring issue that is a problem for the site now. It is a massive issue, and it is directly driving down views.

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  1. Still sending emails. Each day I look for new posts from the members waiting. So sad for each of them. I know our comments and view will decline as members continue to leave the site, unfortunately.


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