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Macro Monday – the frost

What should winter be like? Winter When behind the window is snowing and snowing, and the whole world could turn white overnight. I should remember that winter is not over yet, and we still have time for winter to show its power. 

And when big white snowflakes spin in the air from morning to evening, when you see them through the window how they are covering the entire yard, the street, and the flashing city lights, it’s good to sit at home wrapped in a warm sweater and feet hidden in woolen socks.

To bake cakes, drink tea with honey, light candles and listen to popping firewood in the fireplace.  To dream and create colorful life plans. To believe that the moment – every little moment – is the most beautiful of all that you saw before.

That is winter in my memory. 

But still, life is really very beautiful and living is good. And if you smile in the mirror every morning, blink your eye and remind yourself of it again, it gets even better. And more beautiful.

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