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Sky Sunday – Nature gives us winter not in vain

It’s late-night already, just an hour before midnight here. I do not want to sleep still, one eye watching a movie on TV and writing here. Several years ago, when I started to tame winter’s cold I realized that this time of the year must be exactly such: windy, spruced up in all shades of white, wistful.

And it stimulates the desire to write long articles in sentimental candlelight and allowing you to pamper yourself longer in the bed in the mornings, in general, allowing yourself to stop and devote the time and attention to those who bring us true joy.

Winter’s cold leads us to a feeling which it is hard to tame. How it is possible to get used to the cold and icy ground? But in winter days we have more time for ourselves, time to tame true self, and it is an extraordinary art. And if nature gave us winter, this means we must enjoy getting to know this time, early mornings’ windy dusk, winds with snow, slippy roads, and beauty of snowflakes.

This winter is almost ending, and I saw snow here only one day. So unusual that it is hard to believe. Our winters were getting less and less snowy and this time it overcame all others. But no matter our winters are snowy or not, we still can enjoy the beauty of the sky. The clouds never change year after year. 

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