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Macro Monday – great start of the week

By allowing yourself to look around you notice a lot of little things that make you feel easier.

I firmly believe that life is much more colorful and easier when you open your eyes, you just have to remind yourself. Just as miracles and happiness are hidden in the moments of everyday life, in the change of good and evil, rather than in the illusory waiting and pursuit of great happiness, grandiose events, unique adventures.

Search for ways out of the vicious circle – out of your own created prison for the soul. But do not get lost in your searches, let’s look around. As we cross the street, we look in both directions carefully. So do in your life too.

This butterfly is only a trifle in the life. Sometimes, rushing we even do not notice them being so close to us. But there are moments when we look around and monitor all the alive around us. And how much joy we get from this! 

It can become a good spirit. To observe the miracle in everyday life, to rejoice in it, and to bring that feeling of miracle to the date with the new week.

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